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What is the mission of Henry Brandt Ministries?

Our mission is to teach people throughout the world to “live God’s way” through the power of the Holy Spirit by restoring fellowship with God, attaining freedom from sin problems, and healing relationships with others.

How is the mission carried out?

Henry Brandt Ministries provides insightful, biblical counseling resources that strengthen individuals, families and the church.  This is accomplished by:

  • equipping pastors and counseling staff for more effective counseling,
  • providing curriculum to small groups and church congregations for discipleship, and
  • reaching out through the Internet to individuals around the world who are seeking healing.  Many have few or no resources in their own countries, and have the opportunity to hear the gospel for the first time.
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How do people with needs find these helpful resources?

Our websites are promoted on major news and other frequently visited websites through Google ads, which target individuals who are interested in related subjects such as inner peace, emotional healing, happiness or similar needs. Those with an interest in learning more are directed to one of our six websites, so those who visit are actively seeking answers for themselves or others.

Are the resources beneficial to both believers and non-believers?

Many non-believers come to our websites because the needs we deal with are common to all. However, the solution requires two prerequisites, that a person 1) receives Christ as their personal Savior, and 2) learns how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our websites explain these concepts and help visitors understand how to apply these vital truths.

How can I obtain these biblical counseling insights for myself or my friends?

Visit our helpful websites, listed in the top left menu, for free messages, articles, and insights.

Listen to Dr. Brandt’s life changing audio messages:

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Acknowledge personal sin as the root issue:

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Dr. Brandt’s books may be ordered through BOOK RESOURCES from the left menu.

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