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Breaking Free

from the bondage of sin

by Henry Brandt, Kerry L. Skinner

Softcover Book - 206 pages
Harvest Home Publishers
ISBN: 1-56507-188-3

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True Freedom from Thoughts
and Feelings that Hurt

Anger, jealousy, fear, bitterness–these are the emotions that wrench the human heart. Our relationships suffer. Our nights are sleepless. Our walk with God is strained. We become unhappy, tense, anxious, and miserable.

Respected Christian counselor and noted author Henry Brandt, PHD highlights this truth from God's Word: The thoughts that trigger these powerful emotions can be sinful. Now you can:

  • know joy instead of anger
  • find peace from stress
  • experience a love that eliminates fear

Breaking Free – from the Bondage of Sin offers you wisdom and comfort for a hard journey…and gives clear, lasting solutions for freedom.

Henry Brandt,PHD is an internationally-known author and speaker, and has been a marriage and family counselor for more than 40 years. He and his writing partner, Kerry L. Skinner, have co-authored numerous books, including The Heart of the Problem, The Word for the Wise, The Power of the Call, and Marriage: God's Way.