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The Heart of the Problem:

How to Stop Coping and Find the Cure for Your Struggles

by Henry Brandt, Kerry L. Skinner

Workbook - 197 pages
B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-0-8054-1667-1

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Face your most dominating sin.
And win.

The Heart of the Problem Workbook is a personal guide to victory over life-dominating sin, based on two biblical principles remarkable in their simplicity:

  • There is no human remedy for sin
  • The only cure for sin is in Christ

Christ cleanses in and invites you to walk in the Spirit. The antidote to sinful living is clear and abundant in God's Word. This study helps you to find the scriptural defenses against sin, memorize them, and apply them to daily life.

In 12 detailed chapters, each divided into five daily lessons, The Heart of the Problem Workbook does a great service to those who would seek God's guidance, confronting them with their own difficult, bewildering walk in sin, then showing them God's provision for their condition. Using dozens of compelling, real-life stories, this book illustrates how God shapes and transforms the lives of sinners every day, turning them away from the world's false counsel and flawed reasoning, toward the path of righteousness and ultimate victory.

"There is no wiser teacher in the Christian world than Henry Brandt. I have profited enormously from his work–you will too!"
–Chuck Colson

Henry Brandt is an internationally-known author and speaker, and has been a marriage and family counselor for more than 40 years. he is the author of numerous books, including Breaking Free from the Bondage of Sin.

Kerry L. Skinner serves on the North american Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is the co-author (with Henry Brandt) of The Word for the Wise.