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Marriage God's Way

by Henry Brandt, Kerry L. Skinner

Hardcover Book - 211 pages
B&H Publishers
ISBN: 0-8054-1971-3

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A fresh and frank new look at the only sure way to happiness and fulfillment in marriage—God’s way

Why do so many marriages today end in divorce?  Because more and more people, even in the church, are following the world’s models of marriage instead of God’s ordained design.

In Marriage God’s Way, Henry Brandt and Kerry Skinner explain God’s plan for marriage and show how any couple can enjoy a satisfying and richly rewarding marriage by approaching the relationship with a Christian standard of love.

Avoiding all the pop psychology and media hype, this book focuses on the Biblical perspective of marriage.  It prepares young married couples for a happy life together, and helps those married longer to keep their love for each other fresh and vital.