Henry Brandt Foundation

The Power of the Call

by Henry Brandt and Henry Blackaby

Hardcover Book - 260 pages
B&H Publishers
ISBN: 0-8054-6297-X

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God Does!

Even after hearing a clear and unmistakable call to serve God, many pastors may eventually find themselves depressed, discouraged, and burned out by the demands of the job.  In The Power of the Call, a leading pastor and a seasoned Biblical psychologist team up to take a frank, realistic look at the pastor’s call and how God provides fully for every situation and need a pastor will face.  His help is always at hand.  This practical and uplifting guide leads pastors and church members to a fresh awareness of God’s wisdom regarding:

  • Sustaining a vision for ministry.
  • Standards for being a servant of Christ.
  • Suggestions and encouragement for discouraged or burned out teachers and leaders.
  • Developing new ways to address ingrained problems.