Henry Brandt Foundation

The Word to the Wise

by Henry Brandt, Kerry L. Skinner

Paperback Book - 235 pages
B&H Publishers
ISBN: 0-8054-6276-7

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Let the Permanent Truths of Scripture
Bring Long-Term Healing to the People You Counsel

Worldly solutions offer people only temporary relief from their problems.  Biblical counseling offers a trustworthy and lasting cure.  This book, written by two respected authorities on Bible-based counseling, shows ministers and other counselors how to help angry, broken, confused people look at their lives from a Biblical perspective, and move beyond the situation of the moment to the real underlying cause of pain and disappointment. 

A person’s happiness or misery is not based on circumstances, but on what is in his or her heart.  As long as someone’s heart is filled with sin, the situation that prompted them to seek counseling will never be resolved.  First, they must seek God’s forgiveness and turn from their sinful ways.  Then their pathway to dealing with external situations and relationships will be clear.

The Word for the Wise contains a wealth of real-life examples, along with guidelines for the qualifications, attitude, methods, and standards of professionalism for Biblical counselors.  It belongs within arm’s reach of anyone who hopes to lead others to a happier life through the teaching of Christ.