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Personal Development

Personal Development

Who you are as a person influences every relationship, goal or activity in your life. Biblical mental health is foundational to your happiness and well-being. Character development is the result of life’s struggles. True success is only possible when a person does life God’s way. Listen to Dr. Brandt as he reveals foundational truths that will guide you in your personal life and growth as an individual. 
Audio and Transcripts Message Summaries
The Heart of the Problem How can I experience true peace in my life? 
Dealing with Anger  
The Pathway to Peace What kind of peace are you seeking?
Benefits of Repentance How does sin affect my life?
The Secret to Happiness How can I experience contentment?
How to Enjoy Every Day  

Personal Growth Series

A Free Spirit What does it mean to "be free"?
Locate Yourself How can I overcome my weaknesses?
Growing Up Part 1 How can I experience God's power in my life?
Growing Up Part 2 How can God help me change the way I live?

Biblical Mental Health Series

Biblical Behavior How are my emotions effected by my behavior?
Biblical Speech Why is what I say so important?
Natural Inner Reactions How can I deal with inner turmoil?
Biblical Inner Spirit How can I cultivate a healthy attitude?
Biblical Mental Conditioning How can I deal with the stress in my life?
The Power of Forgiveness Why should I forgive?

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